Beauty Uncovered by Andrea Laurence

Temporary secretary heroine finally entices scarred & very private software mogul Hero out of his office. He is very surprised at how differently she reacts to his massive scars & becomes more comfortable with her. As attracted as she is to him, heroine is cautious about having an affair with another boss. But as Hero increasingly lets her into his life, her feelings for him outweigh her caution. He is still, however, closed off to the rest of the world. The question of what kind of future they hold together with Hero as an extreme recluse becomes an issue. 

I began reading this Laurence book with quite a bit of excitement. A boss-secretary romance with a scarred & mysterious Hero. And a mid-30s virgin, to boot. Heroine is friendly & even flighty & is working hard to get Hero out of his cave, so to speak. Good beginning. But gradually plateaued once they got together. It was missing the emotional intensity that I like to see in the main characters. Hero was definitely enamored with heroine. But I wonder if it’s because she’s the only woman who didn’t cringe at his face & was attracted to him. Heroine also cared for him. 

--------------SPOILERS: Don’t read below if you don’t want to know the book’s details-------------

But she was also in love with her former boss & lover and grieved that relationship, which ended only 2 months before. Her flightiness seemed to extend to her ease at falling in love with men. One week after Hero fired her, she was already on guard about being tempted by another attractive male boss & thus expressed relief that her new boss was a woman. She had already prepared herself to move on, even though she was still grieving another failed relationship. It made me wonder how one-of-a-kind her love really is for Hero. I prefer my main characters to be so in love with one another that they don’t even consider anybody else around them & will deeply & extensively grieve when a separation occurs. Just one week & heroine is already considering other men. She must be the type of woman who needs to have a man in her life.

----------------------------------------------End of SPOILERS----------------------------------------------------------

Heroine was likeable. She’s not the most independent or goal-oriented woman. Yet she was diligent, fashion-conscious, & easygoing. And it might very well be because she was an easygoing person that she can quickly bounce back from grief. It’s that part of her character that aids Hero from his social fears. She confronted him about the reality of a relationship with her, which necessitates that he takes risk to be around people. I like that she gave him that reality-check. They seemed like a good match. She helps ease him out socially & he spoils her.

I moderately recommend this book.

*ARC courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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