BLOG REVIEW: An Heir For the Billionaire by Terry Towers

28yo hotel banquet server sees her old high-school sweetheart 29yo Hero during their 10-year high school reunion. Hero gets straight to the point about why he wants to see her again. But it takes him a little longer to inform her about his cancer diagnosis & why it’s important for him to settle things with her now. Are his emotional declarations long-lasting or are they merely part of his cancer scare? How does heroine respond to his sudden return into her life?

I’m a fan of Towers & this book reminds me why. Towers blends steamy content with quality emotional pull that gives the romance that extra edge. I should’ve really rated this book less because heroine reunited with Hero too easily & quickly, after he dumped her for his career 10 years before & dashed her hopes & dreams. But Towers managed to somehow convince me that heroine’s forgiving nature & maturity & Hero’s life evaluation & desperation was good enough reasons to get these two back together so quickly. I believed Hero’s apology as heart-felt. Heroine’s forgiveness was quick but sincere as well. These two had 10 years to grow & realize some things they wanted in their life. And things they regretted. Both had other lovers during their separation but no one signicant, especially on Hero's part. There were no big misunderstandings & they were pretty unified in their relationship. Hero’s cancer diagnosis & treatment were the complications of the story. They had a genuine romance with explicit sexual content that served to heighten their feelings for each other. The epilogue helped give us a good idea that their future together was solid.

I recommend this book.

*ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.

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