No Chance by Christy Reece

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Famous model is reunited with her husband who she thought died of suicide 8 yrs ago after being married for a few weeks. Special-Ops-type Hero was reluctantly hired by her caring but manipulative dad to rescue her when she was kidnapped due to her efforts to look for her missing friend. Both learn they were lied to in order to be separated from each other & have to deal with issues that arose around their separation. In the meantime, they are in a rush to find her abducted friend from the hands of sexual predators. 

Reece's book was intriguing & romantic. I liked how Hero & heroine's 2nd chance at love was handled. It showcased their insecurities as well as their integrity & deep love that kept them from having sex with other people during their 8-year separation & especially knowing what they believed happened to the other. It's refreshing to read a recent contemporary romance-suspense with non-promiscuous & strong main characters. What was a little frustrating was how blind & insecure Hero & heroine still were about their love for the other, even after the truth came out about their separation. Wonderful sexual chemistry & love scenes. Action-suspense part was done well. 


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