A Faulkner Possession by Margaret Way

Beautiful mid-20s heroine accepts childhood sweetheart's unexpected marriage of convenience proposal after not having much to do with each other for 2 years. She wants to wait to announce their engagement to his family & wealthy social circle b/c she would like to feel more at ease about marrying into his family. Heroine still feels quite sensitive about his family's past treatment of her, viewing her as a lowly daughter of their housekeeper & not fit to be romantically involved with Hero. But as she reunites with Hero's family & old acquaintances, she begins to realize that people do change & a comfortable future together with Hero may be possible.

Another so-so Way book. As typical of her writing, the romance, pacing, sexual chemistry, & characters are tepid. There are no sex scenes. It lacked emotional intensity. There was no drama, even though Hero's ex-girlfriend tried to make some trouble. Everything (the ex-GF, Hero's marriage proposal, their discussion about their past romance, etc.) was handled in a very civilized & calm manner. The only non-calm parts was when heroine worried about how other people treated her in the past & how they may still view her now. I didn't like heroine's hypersensitivity to perceived slights & others' judgments of her. She was too concerned about people's approval of her. She also tended to be slightly vengeful & spiteful but it wasn't obvious. Hero was also very civilized, patient, & silently amused by heroine's "dramatics". It wasn't an awful book. It was just a tad boring.

If you want a no-angst & no-drama book, read this one.